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Myer & Lush splurge!

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I had some extra cash on me today and an hour to i went shopping obvs!

So Myer and Revlon are doing a deal that I got told about and you have to spend $39.95 and you receive $94.45 worth of products free!

How could i pass that up!

 So I needed some new brushes and these ones are gorgeous! These are the limited edition Christmas brushes They cost less than the original at $44.95. (The original cost $49.95). They have this gorgeous gold pattern on the black handle. They feel like good quality and I am very excited to use them! 
Contains: Powder brush, Blush brush, Foundation brush, Eye shadow contour brush, dual eye liner brush & eye shadow brush and a lip liner brush
 Sadly on the packaging it has no information about the brushes!
 So now I have a free gift (Thank you so much Lauren for telling me about this!). 
Contains: Make up bag, Lash potion mascara, Face serum, Colourstay in Enchanted, and a lip butter and nail polish of your choice 
The bag is of good quality and doesn't feel cheap or noisy, and has pretty detailing down the middle. 

You get to choice a nail polish and lip butter out of 3 choices. 
The one i picked is a colour I have had before and am almost running out. 
Lip butter in Peach Parfait

 This product is one of my all time favorites and i love this colour!

Next we could chose a nail polish, I chose a similar colour to the Lip butter
Brilliant strength in 080 Enchant 
The next products were all pre-determined by Revlon.

We got a eye shadow colourstay quad  
Colourstay eyeshadow quad in 550 Enchanted 

Colourstay 550 Enchanted 

I love the colours  but as i was doing the swatches it is really hard to see them, they are hardly pigmented and it is slightly disappointing. 

Next is a mascara, it is their new Lash potion and I pleasantly surprised to see a new product (to Australia at least) in the bag!
Revlon Lash potion mascara 

Now I love this mascara, as someone who has to wear glasses I find it very annoying when i buy a mascara and it makes my lashes too long for me to blink without my lashes getting caught. 
It has a think brush and it is clump-less! Definite re-buy!

lastly in the free bag of goodies is a face serum which is am iffy about. 
Not a fan of putting oil on my already oily skin.....I think my mum can have that one!
DNA advantage face serum (excuse my gross nails)
And that is what I got at Myers!

And there is a lush store 2 minutes away, How could I resist?

I only got one thing (A miracle)

Thanks to Lauren (Again)  for mentioning it to me!

It is ofc The Golden wonder!

 It smell divine  Not 100% sure about what it smells of but it just reminds me of Christmas and happiness.....just wait for a review for this one! 

Last but not least, I popped into priceline and found one of these. I caved and bought one, confused about it but i am sure I will get it!

So a big thank you for reading this.....if you read this far that is! I hope I didn't bore you too much. And if you are in Australia go look in myer at Revlon it, looks worth it!

(All of these products where bought by me)

Ta for now

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