Wednesday, 27 November 2013

November Bellabox!

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Hello lovelies,

Earlier today I was laying in bed feeling poorly when I heard the postman on his little bike.
I have never moves so fast, thinking it was my priceline order which was late. But alas it wasn't but it was my bellabox order (Still a tad miffed my priceline order hasn't arrived!).

So here is my November Bellabox unboxing!

The first thing I noticed when I pulled it out of my letterbox was that the box was damaged :(
(I am such a complainer today!)
Poor Bellabox 
Then I opened the box and the first thing I pulled out was:
Simple kind to eyes make-up remover 
This is a full size make-up remover pen by Simple, A brand that I love. 
RRP: $11.99

The next product freaks me out a little but excites me quite a lot
Deep sea extract moisturising mask
Now I thought this was a mask you spread upon your face but I was wrong, once I read the back I found out it is a mask with eye holes and it just sits on your face. 
watch out for a review on this product!
It is full size and RRP: $8.00

The next items come in a bright yellow package. 
I pulled out a body cleanser 
Naked tan body cleanser
Now I don't use fake tan as it looks ridiculous on me therefore I have no use for this product but my mother will use it as she tans her legs. 
It does smell nice though
I got a 30ml trial size. Full size is 250ml
RRP: 22.95

 Next was the product I was looking forward to the most!
Bellabox pout pencil in the shade: Ruby Tuesday
I saw this on the BB facebook page and I knew I wanted one. This shade is Gorgeous. 

It is a bright red which is my favourite lip colour and it is really really creamy which feels fantastic on your skin and hasn't smudged yet so I am excited about this product! I was going to swatch on my lips but I look like death atm. 
I got a full size 

Next I am intrigued by this product:
Glyco peel - Innovated 
I have no idea what Glycolic-acid is but it is the active ingredient and it should do something. 
It comes out like a strange gel like substance and  I am willing to try it out. 
I got an 8ml and a regular size is 15ml
RRP: 28.95

And then finally is a bonus!
Bump Eraiser 
I thought it was to do with feet but as I read more I think it is to do with ingrown hairs. I don't have that problem so I will pass this product along.

So that's all in my first Bellabox today!
I am very excited to try all of these products and maybe give some reviews later on down the track.

Let me know if you the same things or different things to me and we can compare!

I am going to take a nap and try and get over my sickness :(

Ta for now


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