Tuesday, 21 January 2014

Apologies and Plans

Posted by chelsie rout at 03:05
Okay so I feel like a abandoned this blog just a little bit over the past few months. 
I was planning to do a post at least once a week. Well that ship has sailed!

So my excuses are: Assignments, worry, working 2 jobs and sleeping the rest of the time!

So new year, new me? Not quite. But I do have a few plans up my sleeve. 

1. Queue posts, I don't know how you feel about this but sometimes I don't feel like writing and some days I could write for hours so I am going to take advantage of that! 

2. I am hopefully going to figure out a plan around Uni and work to make time for this as I really, really love doing this. (I will also get Lauren to yell at me if I don't!) 

3. FITNESS FITNESS FITNESS!!! Which means more posts about fitness (yay if you enjoy that) 

4. Just more posting and less stressing about what I post!

Okay so I am sorry or abandoning this place! I will be better (I am writing like 3 different posts at the moment) 

Ta for now 
- Chelsie.x 


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