Friday, 18 July 2014

Accidental Haul

Posted by chelsie rout at 06:18
Today has been very eventful. I did an exam, I finished a book, I had an embarrassing moment when I walked into the male bathroom instead of the female and most importantly, I spent money!!

So I am here to share my buys!

Oh my goodness, I adore Biore pore strips and they were 30% off at Target so of course I grabbed them up!

Pomerganate seeds aka my new favourite snack. 
High in antioxidants and yummy as. 

I found these in woolworths for like $8.95 when I was looking for a movie snack instead of popcorn! 
 And they are delicious strange but really good!


And do you want to know the best thing!
Thats mental!

I have been eyeing these since they came out.
pre-moistened nail polish remover pads seem like a great idea! 

Now I have a serious obsession with stationary and specifically notebooks. I have far too many to count. 

I have always wanted a composition book for some reason but today I found a decomposition book! 

I made out of recycled and natural materials which is mega cool.

The price on the other hand was not mega cool. 
I ended up paying $14.95 for this which is pricey for a notebook  

But it has safari animals on it, so I love it!

You can also get these online here! and they are cheaper than this one!

It is beautiful and I will use it at University next semester!

 So until next time
Hopefully I wont spend any more money!



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