Tuesday, 29 July 2014

Bellabox: July Edition!

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I love getting these boxes every month, it’s so exciting. I never see the money leave my account (mainly cause I don’t pay attention) so it’s like getting presents every month!
This month’s theme was “American Beauty” which got me super duper excited.

The first thing got me slightly confused because it’s from Japan and really didn't fit the theme. But I moved on, it’s a moisturising cream, I don’t moisturise because I am an awful human being but, I have used it for a few days now in between my eyebrows and around my nose where its gets dry and it seems to be helping. Plus makes it feel so smooth.

I only got 3mls but I will have to buy it from Bellabox for $34.95 for 70 grams if I want to continue using it!

Next I got the Innoxa skin + clear, oil free clarifying cleanser. Boy what a mouth full. Again we sell Innoxa in Australia, although I personally have only seen the make up not the skin care range.

Truthfully I don’t need this. I use Dr. Lewinns only and I will never stray, so this is a product for my mother!

Next I got the most exciting thing ever! The balm How ‘bout them apples? Cheek & lip cream. I have wanted one of these for ages and now I have one. 

Admittedly I won’t use it  for my cheek because my face doesn’t agree with cream blushes but it is perfect for my lips!
I got the shade ‘Pie’ and there is a teeny tiny shirtless man to look at yum

Next I got a mango lip butter from Designer brands.

Nothing much to say about it other than the super inconvenient tub container. Smells good too!

I got Revlon fake eyelashes called Fantasy lengths.  I don’t wear flash lashes ever so these will be for me to play around with.

Bellabox sends you a sample or two at the end of the box and this time it’s a strange one.

I have never heard of this product in my life, and I am slightly afraid of using it if you can also use it on animals. Is it weird or am I weird for not liking it?

Any way have you guys got this month or have you liked/disliked these products.
Let a girl know

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