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Captain America 2: The Winter Soldier

Posted by chelsie rout at 06:18
Now I know this movie is gone from cinemas everywhere but I want to review it so bad!
I saw it twice in the cinema and loved it both times, second time maybe a bit more, and warning I am going to be completely bias in the review.
I refused to watch the trailer as I love going into movies as completely blind as possible, so all I knew was nothing.

The performances in the movie where as great as they always are. Even though there where a few cheesy lines they were performed really well. 

Chris Evans:

 Chris did a fantastic job, he was made to play Captain America, and he fits the role perfectly…..if only he was shirtless a tad more!

Scarlett Johansson:

She returns as black widow very convincingly, her character was funnier in this movie and she pulled it off very well. She plays a strong woman very well and her character has a lot of baggage which she knows how to play.

Anthony Mackie:

Anthony début as The Falcon and ex-military. I loved him he wasn't just a sidekick, he was funny, smart and badass and Anthony does it so well. I loved him as the falcon, I hope he gets more time on air in the future!


Sebastian Stan:

 Sebastian returns for another go but as a twist. It shocked me and majority of people in the cinema. He pulled it off really well and I commend him for how he portrayed the character and pulling of that make up look very well. Not many people can pull off panda eyes.

Plot line:

The plot line was very well thought out, tied into the first Captain America and their new t.v. show; agents of shield very well. I believed it could happen in that situation and flowed very nicely.

Stunts/fight scenes:
For this type of movie fight scenes can make or break the realism and destroy a scene very easily. Cap had obviously been training heavily as his fighting style has improved from the first movie and the Avengers. You can definably see how much he has improved. Which means the fighting was better than ever. It was actioned packed and fluid and made great scenes.

Overall thoughts:    
Okay so I love practically everything marvel puts out and this is no exception. This to me is one of the better standalone films they have made and I can only see them going upwards from here!

Overall rating:
9 stars out of 10

Who couldn't love this face? 

There is only one question left to answer…..WHERE WAS HAWKEYE OR ANY OF THE OTHERS FOR THE ENTIRE MOVIE?

Thanks for letting me ramble, I hope you are having a good day.

Have you seen the film? Do you agree or hate everything I said?

Until later


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