Friday, 4 July 2014

Make up bag must haves!

Posted by chelsie rout at 07:00
Ever been running late and not had time to do your make up and had to do it in the car or on the bus? It might feel like a low point but it happens.
I have a list of things you need to have in your make up bag at all times!

Ø  BB cream

This is a life saver, easily applied with fingers or brush light coverage and moisturises at the same time!

Ø  Concealer

To cover up those little nasties that creep up on us! They are easy to apply and will make your face look 5x clearer!

Ø  Powder & brush

Used to set the make-up, doesn’t take up much space and is applied in 12 seconds!

Ø  Lip balm

A clear or coloured lip balm to give you a simple gloss

Ø  Lipstick 

A universal lipstick colour that will go with any outfit is a must for any make-up bag!

Ø  Mascara

If you just put mascara on it will make you feel so much better so that is the must!

Ø  Oil blotting papers

If you have never use these, you are missing out my friend! Oil on your face? Sweating? Clammy? Blot these papers on your face and BAM no more oil. Its magic I swear!

Ø  Face wipes

For obvious reasons, cleaning up your face before your make up or when you get in a sticky situation!

Ø  Hand cream 

I think this is such a underrated product to have in your bag. Dude it makes your hands smell so nice!

Ø  Hand sanitizer 
Do you know how many people have sat where you are sitting? Yeah you need hand sanitizer!  

Did I miss anything? Or anything better?

Until next time
- Chelsie.x 


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