Saturday, 12 July 2014

Shanghai Suzy lipstick review– Blood Red

Posted by chelsie rout at 04:08
I got this amazing red lipstick in a Bellabox a few months ago but I only just wore this out and it was better than I thought.

I am normally a person who uses matte lipsticks with no gloss as they end up all over my face and not my lips and it looks horrendous. So I was worried when I put this one on.
But I was pleasantly surprised at the outcome.

It is a lovely red with pink undertones and went on really smooth and velvety not slippery like it was going to move around. Even though it did have a glossy shine I found it stayed on for longer than I expected! I only had to re-apply when I had lunch. 

Official Colour - Blood Red 
 It was strongly pigmented and didn't seem to wear down much as the day went on.  When I take off red lipsticks I was surprised to see that I didn't have red smudge marks around my mouth, it came off super easy!

After this positive experience with the brand I have looked up the entire collection and they are only $12.95 which is such a great price. They are definably on my wishlist!  
All an all I think this a keeper for sure!
Has anyone else used this brand?
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