Friday, 8 August 2014

Disappointing products #1

Posted by chelsie rout at 17:58

I don’t normally like giving products slack but these products just didn’t get along with me at all.  

#1. Garnier BB Cream 

     When this product came out I thought it was the bee’s knees, it was perfect. This is the one for dry skin but as my skin changed I now can’t get it work. It looks so oily with and without powder and there are so many other BB creams that work for me. I have tried both the normal/dry and the combination/oily and dislike them both. The normal/dry one is so oily and it slicks on your face and I can’t stand it. I then tried the combination/oily one and it is orange, I have nothing else to say other than I came out orange.

#2 Rimmel stay Matte Foundation

    Let me start out by saying; I do love the idea of this product,  it said “no cake face” & “amazing staying power”. Both are wrong. If you have a dry patch on your face, even if you moisturise, the foundation will flake off during the day and that is not good look. It is also rubs off and doesn’t stay that well. The colour shades are so off, I have Ivory (which I think is the lightest colour) and it is too dark.  It is super hard to blend and if you don’t do a really good job of blending it will end up looking cakey!

#3 Benefit stay flawless 15 hour primer 

    I love benefit but this primer is so bad. You are supposed to rub it over your skin then rub it in but it is hard to move long your face and it so oily and it has barely any staying power. Also the amount you get for the price is kinda ridiculous. The packaging is super cute though.

#4 Revlon Photoready concealer

  This concealer just doesn’t work for my skin, the colour range is really limited and it takes forever to blend it properly, it also has a strange feel to it, like rubber or I am not quite sure.

#5 Lush Toothy Tabs

 It’s a odd one to put in but oh well!
Now I kiss the ground lush walks on but I think they missed the mark with this product. If you
haven’t seen these they are small tablets that foam up in your mouth when you crumble them. Great idea and invention, yes unless it tastes like feet. Which the do. I picked the “Sparkle” one up and only read “grapefruit and lemon” went home and tried it, read it again and realised I missed the ingredient “black pepper”.  So I still wanted to try these and make them work. So I bought the “Dirty” one and they only had spearmint. Perfect! No. Same gross taste. I am leaving these behind!

#6 QVS Foundation Brush

 Now it isn’t just the QVS brand, it’s the foundation brush.  I have no idea how people use these well. They go all streaky and gross, they don’t give a natural finish.

#7 Any Tresseme Product

I cannot stand this brand, it has to be the worst brand I have intrusted my hair into. I don’t know why but at age 14 I love it, I thought it was the best. Now I see the light finally, it makes my hair worse off, it dries up my hair like crazy and it does nothing useful at all.
And that’s all that I can think off and now I can’t throw those products away and never buy them again.

Do you guys have the same problems from these products?

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