Tuesday, 12 August 2014

Inspired by Pintrest

Posted by chelsie rout at 09:19
So just like everyone else on the Internet, I use Pintrest. Shocker, I know right!

But soon I will be moving into a house with a tin bedroom and well I wanted ideas and inspiration. 

This is pretty much a list of pretty pictures, who doesn't like pretty pictures?

So for my personal ideal look for pretty much any room is simplistic and clean. That's mainly cause I am in a child's room at the moment and it sucks!

My Bedroom will be about this size and I have a queen bed to fit in there, also a bookcase and a desk/vanity. 

I am super obsessed by this style of vanity. Its so pretty!

I won't have a closet like this but a girl can dream 

Wall art is a picky thing for me cause it needs to be simple and clean. 
(its hard to explain)

These are both really cute ideas. 

Again I won't have this but I will continue dreaming!

Okay this is my favourite thing. Even though I wont have a dresser I will have a bedside table and if they have draws I am going to find some adorable wallpaper!

So there you go. 
A post with pretty bedroom decor
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Until next time
(Ulta Haul)

Chelsie x 


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