Thursday, 21 August 2014

New Revlon Stock In Australia - first impression

Posted by chelsie rout at 04:10
Hey guys,
I am quite fortunate to work in a beauty section in a department store, this pretty much means I am able to test products and sit on wether I want to buy them for quite a while. I also get a lot of feedback from customers (Once you ask what they think they could go on for days).
So when we got the new stock for Revlon (which I had been waiting for) I wanted to test it.
Their new Australian stock consists of;  Shadowlinks, Colourstay skinny eyeliner & Colourstay crayon colour eyeliner.
So while during the day I kept wanting to test them and then finally on my break I had a quick look and my reactions where mixed.
While I was setting up the stand I did notice there weren't many colours that stood out to me like I had hoped.
The colours where either too bland or unusable for everyday use.

As I didn't buy any I managed to find this colour chart online and well to me it shows how bland the colours are.
The only colours I really liked was: Taupe, plum, blush and khaki
Unfortunately I have already got access to all these colours.  
Another thing I found disappointing was the quality of the shadows. I found once I tested it, it rubbed off almost immediately. Not something I really wanted from a shadow costing me $9.95 each.
When unpacking them I found if they where knocked slightly they started breaking in the packet, and when I dropped one (whoopies) it shattered completely and it was just disappointing. 
 (why do they have to be so disappointing)
I cant definably see the appeal of these as they clip together to make a personal palette, but that is the only positive I could find with them (personally)
Yeah these will cost you $9.95 each and personally I would rather fork out the extra cash and go to Nars or M.A.C and buy a quality eye shadow, but that's just me!
On a more positive note the new Skinny eyeliners where amazing!
They come in the four colours above and if you want a skinny eyeliner that stays on forever this would be the one I recommend. Again I didn't buy one because I just didn't need it.
The colour was very intense and it stayed on my hand for the rest of the day and not until I broke out the eye make up remover did it come off.
I was super impressed with this eyeliner.
It is priced at $25.95 (I think) which is on the pricy side for Revlon but I feel like it would be worth it!

Let me know if you agree/disagree & I might just have to have a second look at the stock...

Until next time


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