Tuesday, 5 August 2014


Posted by chelsie rout at 03:51

Hello lovelies,

Recently my Laptop broke, I went back to Uni and I now have the flu :(
So im pretty all over the place, So I have made a list:

Things to make you feel better when you feel sick/gross/unhappy!!!!!

- Take a relaxing bubble bath
- Read a book
- Dress up in your sunday best
- Drink orange juice (this always makes me feel 10 x better)
- Watch cute videos on the internet
- Binge watch a t.v. show
- Put on your favourite lipstick
- Go to your favourite store and put everything in the checkout then exit the page
- Drink a smoothie
- Take a nap
- Drink some tea
- go for a walk/run/skip
- Eat some cake
- Dance around
- Look at all the work you have to do then ignore it
- Take another nap
- Use a face mask
- Watch a movie

So this is pretty much i do when i feel sick and now i am going to go take another nap for today......

Got any useful ideas to help me with this flu???

Until next time



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