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Okay the time has come for when my long awaited products from Ulta!

Since I live in Australia aka the worst place to try and get high end makeup for non outlandish prices, a friend and I decided to use a forwarding service to order makeup at American prices. Not only did we get things for American prices we also managed to get our hands on products that aren't available to us in Aus! Win!

We got the package in under a week (I think) from the service to get the package and I have been waiting out to use the fancy smacny camera to get pretty photos!

Without further ado look at my new babies!

First of all is the Stila Dare to Bare palette
US$20.00 AUS$21.45
This was probably the item I was least excited for but from using it a few times I have really come to love it and is one of my favourite items I bought.
The colours are super simple and that is what I need to try and finally learn to use eye shadow.

From left to right: au naturel sepia, native, playful, earthy, double dare, birthday suit & wink
The top row have three matte neutral shades, the second row have more shimmer and metallic shades and the palette ends with a all over shimmer and a bronzer.
I can not wait for me to get some wear out of this!
Next is a pack which I can't find anymore on the site (Bummer) but this was amazing value for money.
Tarte pack (I don't know what else to call this)
US$16.00 AUS$17.16
Holy smokes this is an amazing price.
 In the pack you get a lip surgence (normally $24.00) and the lights camera lashes mascara (normally $20.00) and a travel bag.
I love the light shade of pink and the mascara so far is amazing.
Next are the Eco tools fresh and flawless brush set
US$14.99 AUS$16.08
Smaller than I originally thought and I wont use them for their intended purposes but they are soft and I needed a few new brushes!
Okay before anything else can we appreciate the packaging on this Stila Baked duo Blush
US$24.00 AUS$25.74
So far with m stila products they can do no wrong. I am in love with this blush.
The two different shades are perfect on their own and mixed together and look at the packaging.
(I may be in love with rose gold)

Lorac alter ego lipstick in the shade dominatrix
US$16.00 AUS$17.16
This has to be one of the best pigmentation in any of my lipsticks. This rich deep burgundy shade is my favourite thing and ugh I love it so much!
Last but not least......well definably not least, in fact it was my favourite thing I bought.
Tarte Rainforest After Dark Palette 
Doesn't it sounds pretty and mysterious. Also the packaging is stunning. Snake, the purple gem and the wooden look. Gosh I can fall for some pretty packaging. (totes not the first reason I wanted it)
US$38.00 AUS$40.00
Also you get a lot for what you pay for;
6 shadows: Bare to Explore, Make a Mauve,  Plum Away With Me, Up to No Gold, Tan-gled Up in You, Don't Turn A-Brown.
 Full size Tarte blush in the shade Unleashed
A large bronzer in the shade Park Ave Princess
& a highlighter in the shade Champagne.   
That is the end of my Ulta Haul.
When I have been using these for a while I will do some reviews and other things.
Now excuse me while I sit on the Sephora website and wish for everything!
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