Wednesday, 3 September 2014

Inspired by Pinterest #2

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Hello again.....
Since my laptop has decided to take a permanent nap and all my future blog posts are on there, I am forced to use the Family computer . . . . bummer. 
And I don't want to have to write out the same post again, so I have decided to do another 'Inspired by Pinterest' 
Last time it was on Small Bedroom ideas (Link) Now it is on Fashion 

Note: I am not normally one for fashion and I am not good at it but I like pretty outfits and day dreaming about how I would look in those outfits, if I could pull them off that is!

This is the main way I dress anyway no matter the season, but these girl do it like 70 times better than I do and its perfect! 

Winter fashion is my favourite cause of all the layers and warmth and boots and scarves.... and I need that coat like aspa!

Who doesn't like plaid and jeans? 
Nobody that's who!

Summer clothes scare me (Not sure why) but this is my perfect summer outfit.... I may need to get on the treadmill and get a tan ;)

Now I find this gorgeous but as I am so short mid length skirts look odd on me and make me look even shorter. A girl can dream though!

Now this is pretty much what I would wear 100% of the time if it was considered normal.
I just want a skirt like that. 
It's stunning!

That's pretty much the end of that

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Let me know what you love to wear!

Until next time!


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