Thursday, 19 February 2015

New blog!

Posted by chelsie rout at 06:58

So I don't post much on this blog any more, which is a shame but i felt as if i wasn't enjoying what I was writing anymore and when I don't enjoy doing something I don't tend to continue on with that project . . . .

So I might of set up a new blog, a new project.

I have always been one to admit that I love books. Always have, since I could remember.

Along with loving books, I also have many thoughts, feelings and ideas that I never really go anywhere as I never have a place to share them.


I have a new blog called bookishdream (it takes you to a new tab), where i can share all my thoughts about the books I read. I am also on  (again, new tab)
I have already reviewed Grace Helbigs new book and I have about 7 posts in the drafts folder.

So I have a feeling I am going to enjoy this project a tad more.

hope to see some of you over there!

Bye, Chelsie xox


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